well its 2006 now… new years was funn.. this whole year has just been crazy and full of changes.. you learn to go with the flow.. you loose some people that you really care about but remember to never look back because things always change eventually anyways. at the end i just know that i love […]

merry christmas everyone! bballs been good.. 7-2 i think? that would be my lovely team yeah so everythings good…  you only live once so make it count right?                       all i have to say is..i love jessie dodds

True friends are the people who are there for you unconditionally.They are the people who never question you & support youno matter what the circumstances are.They are the people worth living for. i LOVE these girls pics from jessies hottub on our snowday yeah.. were crazy and go in the snow with our swimsuits haha […]